The Perfect High-Leg Leotard


High leg leotards are a timeless piece of clothing that blend elegance, comfort, and functionality. In our online shop, we offer a variety of high-leg leotards designed to meet your style and performance needs. The high-leg cut of our leotards adds a touch of retro 80s flair, making them both fashionable and unique. Whether you’re a dancer, gymnast, or simply love the look and feel of a well-crafted leotard, our collection has something for everyone.

High-Leg Leotard Options

We provide high-leg leotards in four distinct versions, each tailored to highlight your legs and enhance your movements. The differences between these versions lie in the height of the leg cut, determined by the length of the side seam.

In addition to the variety of leg cuts, our leotards come with the option to include arms or go sleeveless. This flexibility allows you to choose the best style for your comfort and performance needs.

Fit and Appearance

It’s important to note that the appearance of each leg cut may vary depending on the person wearing the leotard and the size chosen.

The side seam length will be longer or shorter based on the size, making the leg cut look higher or lower accordingly. We recommend trying different sizes and cuts to find the perfect fit for your body and style preferences.

Shiny Spandex Lycra Leotard

Leotard Variations

Semi High Leg

The semi high leg leotard offers a moderate cut that provides a balance between coverage and leg-lengthening effect. This option is perfect for those who want a flattering look without going too extreme.

High Leg

Our high leg leotard features a more pronounced cut, offering a sleek and elongating effect. This style is ideal for those who want to emphasize their leg lines while maintaining a classic look.

Very High Leg

The very high leg leotard takes the cut even higher, offering an eye-catching style that’s perfect for performers who want to make a statement. This version accentuates the legs significantly, making it a favorite among dancers and gymnasts.

Extreme High Leg

For the bold and daring, our extreme high leg leotard offers the highest cut. This style is designed to showcase the maximum length of your legs, providing a striking and dramatic look.

High Leg leotards

Leg Cut Size TablE

To help you choose the right leg cut for your needs, we’ve outlined the different leg cuts per size in the table below. The side seam length (resembled with X in the picture) is the actual length of the sideseam within a tolerance margin of 1 cm due to cutting and stitching. Please be aware that, due to different cuts the side seam of a leotard without arms will have to be shorter to resemble the same effect. 

Size Semi High High Very High Extreme High
XS 24 cm 21 cm 18 cm 15 cm
S 27 cm 23.5 cm 20 cm 16.5cm
M 30 cm 26.5 cm 23 cm 19.5 cm
L 33 cm 29 cm 25 cm 21 cm
XL 36 cm 32 cm 28 cm 24 cm
Size Semi High High Very High Extreme High
XS 18 cm 15 cm 12 cm 9 cm
S 20 cm 16.5 cm 13 cm 9.5 cm
M 22 cm 18.5 cm 15 cm 11.5 cm
L 24 cm 20 cm 16 cm 12 cm
XL 26 cm 22 cm 18 cm 14 cm
Size Semi High High Very High Extreme High
S 27 cm 23.5 cm 20 cm 16.5 cm
M 30 cm 26.5 cm 23 cm 19.5cm
L 33 cm 29 cm 25 cm 21 cm
XL 36 cm 34.5 cm 30 cm 25.5 cm
XXL 39 cm 34.5 cm 30 cm 25.5 cm
Size Semi High High Very High Extreme High
S 23 cm 19.5 cm 16cm 12.5 cm
M 25 cm 21.5 cm 18 cm 14.5 cm
L 27 cm 23 cm 19 cm 15 cm
XL 29 cm 25 cm 21 cm 17 cm
XXL 31 cm 26.5 cm 22 cm 17.5 cm

Made to Measure

For Made to Measure orders we will usually determine the length of the side seam according to the body height and other measurements provided, to resemble the leg height you selected with your order. However if you wish you can also define the length of the side seam yourself. To do so, please send us a message right after the order-

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Hiro Gato Size Guide

Important: Please note that we do not use any international sizing standard. You need to compare your own measurements carefully to those of our size table.

Should you fall outside this size range or find yourself between sizes, we strongly advise opting for our made-to-measure service to ensure the best possible fit.

Body Height Girth Chest Waist Hips Inseam
> 157 cm 130 - 138 cm 82 - 85 cm 59 - 62 cm 83 - 86,5 cm 61 - 63,5 cm
158 - 163 cm 139 - 147 cm 86 - 88 cm 63 - 66 cm 86 - 89 cm 64 - 66 cm
164 - 170 cm 148 - 156 cm 89 - 94 cm 67 - 71 cm 90 - 96 cm 67 - 71 cm
171 - 175 cm 157 - 165 cm 95 - 101 cm 72 - 78 cm 97 - 104 cm 72 - 75 cm
176 - 181 cm 166 - 174 cm 102 - 112 cm 79 - 89 cm 105 - 114 cm 76 - 79 cm