General Questions

Although presented on a female model, all our items are available in male sizes.

There is no difference between male and female cut. The sizes are standardized for male or female bodys. The only exception to this is the Leotard crotch. You are now able to select between male and female crotch. The male crotch is slightly wider and provides a small pouch so there is some space for male private parts. 

Orders & Payment

Please be aware that the items shown on our website are not in stock. Every order is individually produced. Please check the item description for the production time. Once your item is finished your order status will change.

Shipping & Production

Except pantyhose all items have to be produced before they can be shipped. The production time varies by item. Please check the product description for the production time. A general rule of thumb might be 8 – 12 working days.

The Shipping time depends on the country of destination. If you would like to calculate the time from your order, please add the shipping time to the production time. Due to Covid 19 the shipping times can vary. Please be advised that we can not guarantee the shipping times below. This is just an estimate based on our experience

Japan: 3-7 working days
Germany, USA, Singapore: 7-14 working days
EU, UK, Australia: 10-14 working days
Canada, Rest of the World: 14-21 working days

All items are sent in a neutral and discreet package.

Sizing & Measuring

If you are between sizes it will be best to order the garment made to measure. Although the fabric is forgiving a bit. If your length is Size S but your body circumference is rather L you won’t fit into either size. The same goes the other way around for tall and slim persons. 

For example if a person is 194 cm tall but weighs only 65 kg XXL would be too big and S would be too short. Another example would be a person of 170cm height and 100 kg weight. S would be too small and XL would be too long.

Please don’t. Our sizes are already calculated for a tight fit. If you order a size smaller it will most likely not fit, or even take damage when trying on.

Please make sure to check our size table thoroughly (second tab next to the product description) and compare the mesaurements in the size table with your own measurements. Please remember, the measurements in the size table are the actual body measurements, the garment maesurements will be calculated by us later depending on the fabric ordered, so you’ll get an excellent fit.

Please give us your actual measurements, do no deduct anything. We calculate the fit individually. Some fabrics stretch more than others, so this needs to be calculated by us. It is thus important to get your accurate measurements.

In order to avoid wrong sizing in the first place, please provide your height and weight with the order. This way may will be able to determine if the selected size seems correct. Please bear in mind that all items are produced upon order. It would be a pity if you received an item that doesn’t fit, after waiting for it in excitement. 

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Hiro Gato Size Guide

Important: Please note that we do not use any international sizing standard. You need to compare your own measurements carefully to those of our size table.

Should you fall outside this size range or find yourself between sizes, we strongly advise opting for our made-to-measure service to ensure the best possible fit.

Body Height Girth Chest Waist Hips Inseam
> 157 cm 130 - 138 cm 82 - 85 cm 59 - 62 cm 83 - 86,5 cm 61 - 63,5 cm
158 - 163 cm 139 - 147 cm 86 - 88 cm 63 - 66 cm 86 - 89 cm 64 - 66 cm
164 - 170 cm 148 - 156 cm 89 - 94 cm 67 - 71 cm 90 - 96 cm 67 - 71 cm
171 - 175 cm 157 - 165 cm 95 - 101 cm 72 - 78 cm 97 - 104 cm 72 - 75 cm
176 - 181 cm 166 - 174 cm 102 - 112 cm 79 - 89 cm 105 - 114 cm 76 - 79 cm