Sparkle Metallic Lycra Spandex now Available

Sparkle Metallic Lycra Spandex now Available

Our new Fabric, Sparkle Metallic Lycra, is finally out. Sparkle Metallic Spandex is a highly elastic Metallic Stretch Spandex that will snuggle up to ypur body just like a second skin.

Our Sparkle Metallic Lycra is a part of Hiro Gato’s newest collection and provides just the best quality and highest standards. We started a collection of High Leg Leotards and Zentai Catsuits using this new super stretchy fabric. Unitards and Leggings of this fabric are available as well.

Sparkle Spandex Leotards

Our Model Rei is wearing our newly branded Mystique Spandex Leotard on this picture. Our Leotards are highly customizable and available in a lot of cuts.

This kind of Metallic Stretch fabric is often used for professional Gymnast Leotards. Gymnastics Leotards need high durability and good stretch. And our Sparkle Metallic Spandex fabric provides just that.

Three different leg cuts are available. We also provide the option to order them sleeveless version. 

In the Picture Rei is wearing the very high cut version of our black Sparkle Metallic Leotard with long sleeves and attached gloves. As you can see there are no wrinkles whatsoever, it fits skintight and wrinkle-free.

For a sking tight fit, make sure to select the correct size. If you are not sure or between sizes, made to measure might be the better option.

Of course, like any other of our Products, the Sparkle Spandex Leotards can also be worn by men. We offer male sizes and specific extra options for male Leotard enthusiasts.

And that’s not all. The highly elastic Sparkle Metallic Spandex is breathable. Thus it is available as Zentai with a fully covered hood as well. Just so you know, our Leotards are available as Zentai Version. 

Sparkle Metallic Lycra

Sparkle Lycra Catsuits

Sparkle Metallic Spandex Catsuits are available too. The fabric is now available in four different colors, including white, bonbon pink, black and turquoise.

Catsuits for contortionists are frequently made from this fabric as well. Hiro Gato provides a wide range of custom options for your catsuit.

It goes without saying that the catsuit is available as Zentai as well. Fully covered with closed hood and attached hands and feet, just like you would see on Marcy Anarchy Pictures or as a simple Catsuit. 

In any case one thing is for sure. The tight fit, the stylish design and the metallic gloss will make it an eye-catcher. Shine Bright!

From Our Sparkle Metallic Lycra Collection

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Should you fall outside this size range or find yourself between sizes, we strongly advise opting for our made-to-measure service to ensure the best possible fit.

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